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Man is subject to the passing of time. He comes into existence, grows, becomes old, and passes away. His time is scarce. He must economize it as he economizes other scarce factors.


About Me

I am a business owner and entrepreneur who found himself in the tech space after years of jumping around and finding my way. I have a background in the investment management world but became disillusioned with it as I discovered the artificial nature of it all.

As someone with a conservative demeanor on life in general, I surprised myself in discovering that the established answers to career advice, saving for the future, and running businesses were completely wrong. The necessity of college is over-stated at best, IRAs and 401(k)s are overrated (or at least the narrative is misleading), and the modern hysteria with creating tech for its own sake (without any business justification) is a waste of resources– it’s bubble mania.

I freed my mind from the “go get a job” mindset that was holding me back and jumped head first into doing things my own way. Together with my brother/best friend, we started a venture, had decent success, and left it behind to take things to the next level. So we started a mobile app development company which focuses on using apps within companies as a corporate, business solution. The prospects are bright.

Besides running that company and it’s related brands, I am a business consultant and writer. I focus my reading and writing efforts on business reflections and topics relating to my chief interest: political and economic theory– justifications for a world of freedom and private property rights over against statism and socialism in all its forms.

What I Do

The projects I am working on. And more to come!

Business Strategy

Technical Adoption

Raising Startup Capital