About the Blog

This blog is for my quick thoughts, quotes, and less developed hot takes. And also for thoughts on more cultural and business related thoughts that don’t really fit into the content boundaries of my other sites.

For more substantial writings on political and economic theory and life, see my AustroLibertarian.com and, for those things but with additional and intentional religious (Christian) spin, see my ReformedLibertarian.com.

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About Me

I am the co-founder and CEO of a company called Onyx Hill which is currently undergoing the creation of a private equity investment platform intended for raising capital for startup and early stage tech-focused companies. I focus my own efforts on overseeing the project from a management and financial standpoint and manage the partner relations. Whilst my brother, Corey Engel, oversees the technical development and R&D efforts for implementing various progressive technologies.

When I am not working I am reading or writing and my focus tends to be related to economic and political theory. I am a culturally conservative libertarian (I like to say Paleo-Libertarian) and subscribe to the completely laissez-faire school of economics known today as the Austrian School. 

Besides these two activities, I spend as much time as I can with my three young children and wife in Northern CA where I live and work. I live an hour from the San Francisco bay and an hour from Lake Tahoe– close to the beauty and peacefulness of the snowy mountains.