A native and resident of the Greater Sacramento region in Northern California, I spend my time working hard for both my investment and website design clients, reading and writing aplenty, and enjoying my wife and children.profile-professional

Professionally, I am a registered financial advisor who takes great pleasure in aiding my clients by providing investment advice, managing their investment portfolios, planning for retirement, and protecting their assets for the long-term. This is my full time and more serious profession; I have dedicated my life to mastering this field and continuing The Sullivan Group’s long tradition of providing unique and specialized expert advise.

Secondly, I also oversee a holistic website and app development business that I co-founded with my brother. We have grown considerably over the last year and have expanded into several different private markets and 5 states.

I read economic theory, political philosophy, and history. And I can hardly get enough of it! As such, I also write on these matters from time to time and my writings have been published in numerous places.

Last, but most important, is the legacy I am building in the development of my family. I am blessed with a loving wife and two wondrous and remarkable children, tykes that they are. I aim higher and seek to make myself a better person for their sake.