While there’s still work to be done, I feel like we are far enough in the process of this to do a soft announcement of sorts: there is a premium, physical (about 90% sure on the physical, but digital is certain, though less enticing) magazine in the works. Tentatively called “Austro Libertarian Magazine,” or to shorten it, we have with brilliant creativity dubbed it AL Mag– which is what Very Cool peeps are calling it. 

How do I succinctly describe this project? Readers (in my various groups and sites) are aware that I have immersed myself in the world of socialist content as of late– most specifically by handing over my money to that socialist rag Jacobin in order to receive propaganda in my mailbox once a quarter (don’t worry, I keep it away from the impressionable toddlers). In any case, this well-funded, well-capitalized, Marxist outlet offers a publication that is stunning in its quality of content and presentation. I was hoping to compete with it– but given that we don’t yet have a Friedrich Engels to bankroll it, we are bootstrapping it, so to speak– like true capitalists preparing for war with our lined-pocketed communist foes.

But we will talk money later. For now, I am quite impressed with the Jacobin magazine and think there are enough resources at our disposal to attempt something similar. Right now, I’m taking advantage of my good friends Trey Smith and Ben Lewis and they are helping me with content formulation and editing. And look what our friend Hannah Sproul made (subject to change):

Jacobin Mags are almost 100 pages– I was thinking ours would be around 60-75 probably, published quarterly. I want this to be premium, beautiful, special, and well-done, not just in the editing and content, but also in the aesthetics and presentation.

A working example of our first issue Table of Contents (subject to alteration, though most of it is by now ready for press, so to speak):

We even had fun brainstorming potential columns of humor.

  • “The State of the Union, with ________________________” (A first person satirical piece)
    • Hillary Clinton
    • Ayn Rand
    • Gary Johnson (LOL)
  • The Skeletons in Gary Johnson’s Closet, an exclusive interview (obviously this Magazine leans toward Mises/Alabama libertarianism, don’t @ us.)
  • How to Find a Libertarian Soul Mate
    • ie. Step 1: Open Reddit Account
  • From the Comments: humorous comments from the pages of Robert Reich and Bernie Sanders and Rick Santorum
  • Libertarian Stereotype of the Month Column
    • ie. The Fed is Illuminati Plot Guy
    • Ruins Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation Guy
    • Fiscally Conservative but Socially Liberal Guy??

Call for Submissions and Ideas

If you would like to offer content in any of the above italicized categories, please send submissions to ALMag [at] cjayengel.com 

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