A lot of the content recently (and over the next few days) on this new blog of mine will be many of the short, more quotable, pieces I’ve written over the years. I have a decent amount of essays but the shorter quick thoughts get lost over time. Since this blog is mainly for those, and associated with my new FB page (please “like” it), I am trying to get them onto this site so they are all in one place.

This blog is more broad and general than my other main sites (AL and RL)– I was working so hard to choose audience carefully when I posted political and even religious thoughts on my personal Facebook profile so I decided to just have a separate public page (as opposed to profile) that people could like and follow if they were into that kind go thing. Mostly these are quotes (from my reading or from my longer essays) and quick thoughts on economics, current events, business, and culture that are more personal and “from the hip” in nature than in accordance with the more doctrinaire statements I want at the main site.

In any case, I’m trying to gather lost content from various places so bear with me.

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