As recently stated, I’ve upped my reading of Jacobin Magazine. I’m at a point in my self-educational journey where I am more selective about what I read from amongst the broader Austrian and libertarian outlets– I read most of, LRC, FEE once in a while, George Reisman every time he has a new essay… and then whenever I see a headline that catches my eye.

But I want to also expand my horizons a bit, keep an eye on the various enemies so to speak. Jacobin Magazine is top notch representative of the far socialist left. The quality of the content is world class, it is stimulating intellectually, and there is a great sense of self-awareness. They do a good job, despite their being 100% the exact opposite, reciprocal of the Christian Austro-Libertarian in so many ways.

In any case, the point of this post is that the more of that magazine I read, the more I realize that they have so much going for them– we live in a world of economic interventionism, wherein the state suspends, in so many places, the right of the private property owner to make decisions over the use of his property. In this way, we live in a profoundly non-capitalist world. And yet, all this is done under the banner and label of capitalism. This makes sense. The 20th century western world would never have accepted state control under the banner of socialism. Instead, they accept state control under the banner of capitalism.

Since everyone thinks we have capitalism, and since the state operates on an interventionist model (not a traditional socialist one), the socialist has an easy time of pointing out the failures of interventionism, but blaming capitalism. And since no one has ever heard of interventionism, socialism is swiftly becoming a legitimate alternative in the minds of so many.

In other words, the state has monopolized, on behalf of the banking industry, the money, banking, and credit industry– everyone calls it capitalism and when it inevitably causes ruin (as true capitalistic free marketers warned), we all point the finger at the label we’ve been taught describes us: capitalism.

Thus, Jacobin so often expresses educated outrage at the excesses of capitalism, which reached its peak in 2008 as the lives of an entire generation of retirees and near-retirees were ruined. Is this really humane, they ask? Is capitalism really all its cracked up to be?

Unfortunately for us, this narrative is much easier to sell than the more nuanced explanations required of the laissez-fairist private property proponents. Central banking, we can point out until we are blue in the face, is a product of a mighty and capitalism-denying state! Capitalism is the antidote, not the way things are!

But who is listening? The answer is becoming more obvious: few at the national level, but far more at the local level. Thus, as I have echoed time and again, nullification, dissent, secession, and decentralization (which occur first in the mind and then in society) constitute the way out of this mess. I don’t think we will be able to defeat the socialists in Washington– we are both fighting interventionists who use capitalistic language and phraseology.

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